Why and how to scarify your lawn?

The question of why and how to scarify your lawn is not self-evident. It is not necessarily easy to know what a scarifier is and what it is used for, if you don’t have a lawn or if you don’t know anything about gardening.

Why scarify your lawn?

The grass on your lawn grows day after day. Over time, lichen, moss, weeds or cutting waste begin to invade the lawn.

These plants form a barrier to the sun’s rays, air, water and various nutrients that are necessary for the health of your lawn.

To maintain your lawn and provide it with these nutrients, it is advisable to use a scarifier.

There are 3 main categories of scarifiers, which differ in materials, prices, accessories, etc.

How to scarify your lawn?

The scarifier improves the quality of your lawn and promotes its growth because it is equipped with a roller with teeth, claws or sharp knives.

The blades, usually made of steel, allow, by a rotating movement, to lift and slash the thick layer of vegetation that forms on the surface of your lawn and hinders its growth.

The scarifier acts on the surface of your lawn, pulling out lichen, moss or weeds.

What to use to scarify your lawn?

In order to scarify your lawn, you can choose one of 3 different categories: electric scarifiers, thermal scarifiers and manual scarifiers.

Electric scarifiers

They are the most popular scarifiers on the market and are suitable for medium-sized lawns, i.e. between 100 and 800 square metres. Their price is also within a price range means.

The only disadvantage is that you need an external plug to be able to use them.

Gardena 4068-20 Electric Scarifier

This Gardena brand electric scarifier will provide intensive lawn care. It is equipped with a 1000 W universal electric motor. Its working width is 30 cm and it is recommended for an area of up to 600 square metres.

It has stainless steel blades. The depth of penetration of the blades into the ground is easily adjusted by means of a manual control lever. To be able to move it to its place of use, the device has a transport position that allows the blades to be folded quickly and easily.

The handlebars of this electric scarifier can be quickly removed, allowing for less storage space and easier transport. In addition, the handlebar is equipped with a convenient switch.

Gardena 4068-20 Scarificateur électrique Evc 1000

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Thermal scarifiers

These are the most expensive scarifiers on the market, but they are the ones to use for large lawns, exceeding 800 square metres. Running on petrol, they are extremely efficient and effective, but also heavier and therefore less manoeuvrable.

They require some maintenance, but no external plugs.

Thermal scarifier with Loncin OVH 140 CC motor from Eurosystems

This thermal scarifier from Eurosystems operates on gasoline. This is a new scarifier design with patented belt drive. The use of vertical shaft motors puts it in a very competitive price range for the public, without giving up a robust steel frame, structured to facilitate the rear discharge of grass.

This scarifier is resistant strong with its steel frame. It can be used with a working width of 42 cm. It has a roller with 15 steel knives for good soil penetration. The controls on the handlebars allow easy and comfortable use. Another lever allows the knives to be lifted quickly, which is necessary for transporting the device.

The collection bag has a capacity of 45 litres. The working depth adjustment is centralized by a crank handle that acts on the 4 rubber wheels, each mounted on double ball bearings and with an automatic cleaning system.

Scarificateur aérateur thermique 42 cm de large avec moteur Loncin OVH 140...

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Manual scarifiers

They are the cheapest scarifiers, but also the most tiring, because you have to do all the work yourself.

These devices are reserved for small lawns, i.e. not exceeding 100 square metres. They do not require any maintenance.

Manual scarifier with telescopic handle from Outsunny

This manual scarifier from Outsunny is very effective in aerating your lawn quickly. It is equipped with 27 solid nails that provide homogeneous and deep ventilation. It is very practical and easy to use thanks to its telescopic handle, which is adjustable over 3 notches.

In addition, this manual scarifier is equipped with an iron roller with galvanized coating that is corrosion-resistant, robust and durable.

Aérateur de gazon/pelouse pour jardin à rouler poignée télescopique tube galvanisé robuste...

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Differences between types of scarifiers

Once you have passed your scarifier over your lawn, you may need to pick up the waste, unless your machine is equipped with a collection box, a very useful accessory.

By comparing the different models, you may notice Some scarifiers are equipped with different rollers, a scarifying roller and an aerating roller.

Thanks to the aerating roller, the soil will be able to breathe better, absorb water and benefit from fertilizers. This type of roller consists of a number of claws.

When to scarify your lawn?

It is recommended to scarify your lawn twice a year: in early spring, after the last frosts, to get rid of winter waste and prepare the lawn for a beautiful summer; and in autumn, just before the first frosts, to prepare the lawn for winter rest.

In order to properly scarify your lawn, it is recommended never to do so when the lawn is too wet or too dry. It is best to mow the lawn, about 2 cm high, then pass the scarifier. Then, the scarifier can easily be adjusted between 2 and 4 mm, in order to avoid tearing off the roots of the lawn.

In order to effectively scarify your lawn, it is best to do it once in width and once in length.