Which scarifier rake to choose?

Scarifiers are divided into 3 main categories: thermal scarifiers (the most expensive, but also those suitable for large lawns), electric scarifiers (average price, average lawn size), and manual scarifiers (the cheapest, suitable for small lawns).

Scarifying rakes are therefore hand tools that are highly appreciated for their low cost, but also for the pleasure of gardening. In order to choose the right model, certain criteria must be taken into account.

The criteria to be taken into account

The weight of the scarifier, as well as the material of its handle, are very important criteria. Indeed, even if you like to spend hours gardening, you don’t want to do it in unpleasant conditions with a handle that hurts your hands after only a few minutes, or a tool that is too heavy to carry and operate.

Another criterion to be taken into account is the cutting width of the scarifier. The larger the width, the faster the work will be. In general, scarifying rakes have a working width between 28 and 45 cm, which is really satisfying.

On the working depth side, the scarifier rake does not allow several different positions, as is the case with electric and thermal scarifiers. It is therefore advisable to buy a manual scarifier that can go up to 2 cm.

Selection of scarifier rake models

Gardena 3392 Combisystem Scarifier

This Gardena brand scarifier is a complete 2-in-1 tool, thanks to its different rows of sharp teeth on one side that eliminate moss and lichen over a working width of 35 cm.

On the other hand, this rake is equipped with round teeth and to rake leaves and debris. All teeth, which are made of galvanized steel, are corrosion resistant.

This scarifier fits all Conbisystem Gardena handles.

Gardena 3392 Combisystem Scarificateur large 35 cm

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Manual scarifier with telescopic handle from Outsunny

This manual scarifier from Outsunny is very effective in aerating your lawn quickly. It is equipped with 27 solid nails that provide homogeneous and deep ventilation. It is very practical and easy to use thanks to its telescopic handle, which is adjustable over 3 notches.

In addition, this manual scarifier is equipped with an iron roller with galvanized coating that is corrosion-resistant, robust and durable.

Aérateur de gazon/pelouse pour jardin à rouler poignée télescopique tube galvanisé robuste...

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Gardena manual scarifier 03391-20 “combisystem” lawn aerator

This Gardena brand manual scarifier will allow you to rid your lawn of moss and other weeds, allowing better absorption of air and water, as well as nutrients.

With its galvanized and pressed steel teeth and 35 cm working width, this manual scarifier also crumbles and flattens clods of soil. It fits all Gardena Conbisystem handles.

Gardena 03391-20 Râteau-aérateur de gazon "Combisystem" 35 cm large

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Manual scarifier 460321 32 teeth with Leborgne wooden handle

This manual scarifier from Leborgne has 11 blades on one side to scarify the lawn and 21 steel teeth on the other side to blunt the layer of felt and foam that forms every year and asphyxiates the lawn.

Weighing just 1.9 kilos, this manual scarifier is very easy to use.