When to use the scarifier?

Do you have a beautiful piece of land decorated with a lawn that is starting to feel choked? Don’t panic. Coupled with your lawnmower, the scarifier, if used properly, can do wonders!

What is the use of a scarifier?

More and more people are now using not one but two companions: the lawnmower and the scarifier. The lawnmower is not very complicated to understand. She mows the lawn, so that your children can play without encountering, for example, Pokémon (wild animals) in a brutal way. It is simply a matter of cutting the lawn to a specific height in order to preserve a certain harmonization of your lawn, which will be as uniform as possible.

Next comes, or should we use the scarifier “as a complement”? Mowing your lawn is unfortunately not enough. For the good health of your lawn, you must have a device like this one, whether it is electric or thermal. A rake can even do the trick if you have a small area to maintain. Scarify your land, but why? When we mow our lawn, we only cut it to a certain height while the grass, little by little, is deprived of what it needs. Indeed, all year round, moss, grass residues, leaves and roots block your land and thus prevent your lawn from growing. As a result, it cannot be fed with water and essential nutrients. If you wish to densify it or keep only the right one, you will have to rely on the scarifier, whose “ideal” use will be detailed below.

When should the scarifier be used?

According to many experts, the scarifier must be used at least twice a year. Nor should it be abused, as this could damage your beautiful lawn. Ideally, it should be done during two key periods: fall and spring.

As for spring, it is necessary to use it after the first mowings in order not to keep the residues that are victims of these mowings and to eradicate the felting developed during the winter. This will keep your lawn clean and airy. You could repeat this frequently in the hope of making your lawn harmonious but do not fall into the trap. Even if the scarifying action only acts at a certain depth and does not cut the roots, your lawn may not be able to withstand the impact of the many passes. Fall is another time to keep your lawn healthy. Indeed, it is at this time that we start to work on dead herbs. So if you want to sow your land, this step is highly recommended. To summarize, you should use your scarifier sparingly during the key moments that depend on your geographical location. It’s all about permanently looking at your lawn and seeing its density, foreign vegetation, unusual color… many visual parameters are ultimately clues!