Choosing a Wolf scarifier

Are you interested in knowing how a scarifier works? Well, it’s not always enough to put your lawn mower on your lawn, because it doesn’t eliminate the new shoots and shallow roots that remain and prevent your lawn from breathing, capturing the sun’s rays and the nutrients it needs for good health. And that’s where the scarifier comes in.

A scarifier is a kind of small lawn mower, but it has claws, knives or teeth instead of blades. These blades, knives or teeth are arranged horizontally and rotate quickly to chop weeds, lichen or moss.

Scarifiers equipped with claws allow the ground to be scraped off superficially and therefore the foam removed.

Scarifiers equipped with knives are used to chop up the residues.

How to choose a scarifier?

Before choosing a scarifier, you must first look at the work surface. Indeed, manual scarifiers are reserved for small lawns (less than 100 square metres). Electric scarifiers are used on medium surfaces (from 100 to 600 square metres); thermal scarifiers are used on large lawns (more than 600 square metres).

But the surface area of the lawn is not the only criterion to be taken into account. Indeed, it is also necessary to consider the number of teeth, claws and knives. The more teeth or knives there are, the more effective the scarifier will be. But quality and material are also important and in principle, the knives or blades are made of hardened steel or stainless steel, and therefore solid.

Another criterion to consider is the cutting width of your scarifier. This is a very important factor, especially for large-area lawns. It is therefore preferable that the width be large, about 30 cm, in order to avoid spending several hours scarifying the lawn.

Finally, we can look at the scarifier’s accessories, such as a collection bin, which avoids picking up waste yourself, as is often the case with manual scarifiers, but the larger the bin, the fewer interruptions there will be to empty the bag.

But you can also look at the handlebar, which is preferably adjustable, so that it adapts to the size of the user. Comfortable handles are always appreciated. The weight of the device is also a criterion to be taken into account, as it may be more or less easy to move.

The Wolf-Garten brand

To keep your lawn beautiful all year round, it is essential to maintain it regularly. To do this, you can use a Wolf-Garten model, because all models allow good aeration of your lawn, preventing the proliferation of weeds, mosses and other lichens.

The only problem of the French brand Wolf-Garten is that it no longer manufactures electric or thermal scarifiers, but only manual scarifiers. In addition, the brand has also stopped producing spare parts.

Selection of Wolf scarifier models

Wolf Hand Scarifier UGM

This Wolf brand hand scarifier has 10 teeth and a working width of 30 cm. Its “multi-star” system is comfortable thanks to its suspension.

This is a versatile device is essential for all amateur gardeners who do not want to spend too much money on gardening tools.

Wolf UGM Scarificateur à main

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Wolf scarifier blade

This blade for The Wolf scarifier has a length of 162 cm and a width of 50 cm.

It is suitable for the following Wolf models: UV, EE, EB, EB, URK.

Lame scarificateur WOLF UV, EE, UV, EB, URK

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Last update was in: 27 October 2020 14 h 43 min


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