Choosing a lawn aerator

Having a well-maintained green lawn does not only require regular watering or good fertilizer. In addition to water and nutrients, it also needs air. In order to maintain it properly and keep it in good condition at all times, you must have the equipment, including an aerator. There are different types of them. Choosing a lawn aerator requires you to know the main criteria. It is an important tool for aeration of your lawn.

How to choose your lawn aerator?

With the increase in models currently available, choosing a lawn aerator is not always easy. You should know which one is best suited to your needs. We present here the criteria on which you can base your choice.

The surface of the land

Choosing a lawn aerator carefully requires you to take into account the area you have to maintain. It also depends on whether you want to aerate your soil in places or the entire surface. You should also know how often the equipment is used. Indeed, some aerators, although accurate, require much more time when you use them. This is the case with manual aerators.

The width of the aerator

The width of the tool is important because it determines the working time. In fact, the larger it is, the more the device covers the ground the first time. However, an aerator that is too large will have difficulty penetrating the soil depending on its condition. Depending on whether it is very dry or compact.

The length and type of peaks

The longer the peak, the deeper the aeration will be. Please note, however, that it is not possible to ventilate in depth with a manual aerator. Indeed, the force exerted towards the ground is not strong enough. As a result, the rollers and footings do not have long peaks.

Some models of lawn aerators

Here we offer you models to choose a lawn aerator.

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Draper Aerator

This model is ideal for small areas, and for regular or annual maintenance. Its peaks consist of 5 hollow forks of 140 x 18mm, the working width being 300mm. You can use it to aerate your lawn by plots.

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Biogrif Fiskars – Leborgne

Can be used as an add-on or progressive, it is suitable for regular maintenance. It gives you the possibility to completely turn the soil over. The aerator is 500mm wide and its 5 peaks are 25cm long. It is perfect for working easily and quickly.

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Kingfisher Aerator

Thanks to this quality model, your lawn can be aerated regularly, per plot. It is even used to remove soil cores. The working width is 300mm and the forks are 140mm wide. Perfect for small areas, this lawn aerator is suitable for extra and progressive work.

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Biofork Depypere

This is recommended for small areas and can be used as a supplement or gradually. Suitable for regular or annual maintenance with the possibility of turning the soil over. It has 5 solid peaks, 2 of which are 22 cm and 3 of which are 25 cm, with a surface area of 500 mm.

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GreenKey Aerator Roller

The use of this model must be light and regular, for small and medium areas. It has a total of 30 peaks of 4.5 cm, 5 per row. Easy to use, it should be used as an extra. Please note that it cannot aerate compacted land by depth.

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Picks for garden roller

The perfect type for both small and large fields. It is equipped with 5 collars of 6 peaks. The width varies according to the size of your roll.