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Looking for a beautiful and healthy lawn? Your lawnmower is not enough, as it does not remove all the moss, weeds and lichen that prevent your lawn from breathing, receiving the sun’s rays and the nutrients it needs.

While scarifiers are essentially divided into 3 main categories, i.e. manual, electric or thermal scarifiers, there are also towed scarifiers.

What is a towed scarifier?

A towed scarifier is a kind of machine resting on wheels that is towed behind a tractor, lawn mower, agricultural machine or even a quad.

This is a machine that is equipped with robust knives designed to penetrate the soil to remove weeds and other mosses. However, there are different types of towed scarifiers.

The different types of towed scarifiers

The presence of the engine

A big difference that divides towed scarifiers is whether or not there is a motor. For those who do not have one, the scarifier frame is then equipped with a cylinder that contains knives. When the scarifier is towed, the blades then penetrate the soil to remove moss, weeds and other lichen.

The advantages of the non-motorized scarifier are that it is inexpensive and easy to use. However, it is less effective than a motorized scarifier because it operates at a low speed.

The motorized scarifier, on the other hand, is equipped with an internal combustion engine, which ensures very good efficiency and a very good speed of execution. The principle is the same as for the non-motorized scarifier for knife blades, but it is the rotation speed of the cylinder that is right. However, it is much more expensive and requires engine maintenance.

The price

The price of a towed scarifier is obviously an important criterion. It should be noted that this type of scarifier is quite large and heavy too.

The price changes according to the presence or not of the engine and according to the brand of the scarifier. Prices start at around 150 euros for scarifiers without motor and go up to more than 3000 euros for those who are motorized.

When choosing a scarifier, it is important to choose a model from a known and reputable brand, even if it means paying a little more, because this not only provides you with a certain guarantee, but also the possibility of buying spare parts if necessary. In the case of a motorized scarifier, it is also important to check the brand of the motor, which is also synonymous with warranty and quality.

The area to be scarified

For a surface area of less than 100 m2, a manually towed scarifier will do perfectly well. This one is very similar to the rake. And for its full use, you will also need a waste bag for collecting foam and a lawn mop. In other words, this model will only be more suitable for people who love to exercise. The electric towed scarifier of about 1500 watts on its side will be very suitable for scarifying a garden area of between 300 and 500 m2, provided however that it has a plug just nearby. The purchase of an extension cord may be necessary in this case. This model has the advantage of being delivered directly with a standard collection bag. For garden areas larger than 500 m2, it is ideal to lean towards a thermal towed scarifier with a cutting width of at least 42 cm. This is for the simple reason that that this will greatly reduce the movement of back and forth. But those who do not feel able to maintain the engine will still be able to move to a larger thermal model that is easier to maintain. For more details on your towed scarifier, visit

Other criteria to be taken into account

There are still some criteria to take into account, such as the type of knives on the scarifier. These knives can be fixed or movable. The latter is slower to damage than the former because it releases pressure when it comes into contact with obstacles in the ground such as stones or roots, but it is also more expensive.

Another criterion to consider is the number of knives. The higher this number, the more refined the scarification work will be.

Finally, it is also possible to pay attention to the working width, which is indicated in cm. This is the total width over which the scarifier is able to work. The larger the width, the smaller the work. Thus, the user will have to use the scarifier less times and it will also take less time.

Selection of models of towed scarifiers

Techniroll Towed Scarifier

This towed scarifier from Techniroll can be used with a garden tractor. It is equipped with 20 spring loaded steel claws that blunt the grass and control weeds and other mosses.

The demuster is equipped with a lever that allows 2 different heights: the height to transport this scarifier and another to use it.

Démousseur - Scarificateur Traîné 100 cm

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Brinly SAT-40BH towed scarifier


These Brinly Hardy brand towed carts can be used with a ride-on lawnmower or tractor. It is ideal for a large lawn area, as it has a working width of 102 cm. It is equipped with 132 steel picks, which are distributed over 11 star discs, which ensures efficient work.

Its two large wheels make it easy to transport.

Aérateur pour Tracteur Tondeuse Brinly-Hardy SAT-40BH

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ARIO 100M thermal towed scarifier with Honda engine from Caravaggi

This towed scarifier from Caravaggi can be used with a quad or tractor. It is equipped with a Honda GX200 pro engine and 84 movable blades. Its wheels are made of steel and you can adjust its height. It is ideal for large lawns, as its working width is 100 cm.

Scarificateur termique trainé pour quad ou tracteur Caravaggi ARIO 100M moteur Honda

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Precision Pet Precision Towed Foam Scarifier

This towed scarifier from Precision Pet offers a working width of 100 cm. It is equipped with 18 spring loaded steel claws, arranged in 2 rows, which blunt your lawn.

It is also equipped with a lever that allows you to raise or lower the claws.

Precision Products émousseur - Scarificateur Trainé 100 cm

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