Choose a thermal scarifier

A scarifier is a tool that drains the soil from your lawn, as well as aerating the grasses, so that the grass can grow again in an optimal way.

In order to distinguish between an electric priest and a thermal scarifier, several factors must be taken into account.

The handling of the device

Thermal scarifiers are heavier than electric scarifiers, but they are also more powerful.

The working width

The working width corresponds to the size of your lawn. If it is large, i.e. more than 800 square metres, it is better to aim for a thermal scarifier. Below this 800 square metres, you can use an electric scarifier.

Other criteria to be taken into account

It is also possible to find out if the scarifier has soft claws or knives. The claws are placed on small devices. For this reason, they do not penetrate the soil, so the lawn will remain more or less the same before and after their passage.

Knives, on the other hand, are more efficient because they cut the soil and therefore allow the roots to be aired. Thus, the more knives are numerous and closer together, the more efficient the scarification work is. Also, the thicker they are, the more resistant they are and do not require any special maintenance, which is certainly a great advantage.

Selection of thermal scarifier models

Einhell GC-SC 2240 P Thermal Scarifier

This 30.8 kg thermal scarifier from Einhell benefits from a 2200 W 4-stroke motor, a ball bearing scarifying roller with 18 top-of-the-range steel blades, a central working depth adjustment to 8 positions with a parking position.

Its handlebar is foldable and its large wheels protect the lawn. In addition, it has a large 45-litre collection bin. This device is recommended for areas up to 1200 square meters.

Einhell GC-SC 2240 P Scarificateur thermique gc-sc 2240 p

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GE-SA 1335 P thermal scarifier from Einhell

This 20.3 kg Einhell thermal scarifier has a power of 1300 W with a 4-stroke motor. It runs on gasoline and has a type of air cooling. Its collection box has a capacity of 28 litres.

It also has a scarifying roller, a ventilation roller and a collection bag. It also has a parking position.

Einhell Scarificateur thermique GE-SA 1335 P (1.3 kW, Réservoir carburant 1.000 ml,...

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Thermal scarifier with Loncin OVH 140 CC motor from Eurosystems

This thermal scarifier from Eurosystems operates on gasoline. This is a new scarifier design with patented belt drive. The use of vertical shaft motors puts it in a very competitive price range for the public, without giving up a robust steel frame, structured to facilitate the rear discharge of grass.

This scarifier is strong and solid with its steel frame. It can be used with a working width of 42 cm. It has a roller with 15 steel knives for good soil penetration. The controls on the handlebars allow easy and comfortable use. Another lever allows the knives to be lifted quickly, which is necessary for transporting the device.

The collection bag has a capacity of 45 litres. The working depth adjustment is centralized by a crank handle that acts on the 4 rubber wheels, each mounted on double ball bearings and with a automatic cleaning.

Scarificateur aérateur thermique 42 cm de large avec moteur Loncin OVH 140...

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