Buying guide to choosing a lawn scarifier

The scarifier, although rarely used, is essential to properly maintain your garden and prevent it from being invaded by moss and weeds. If his choice proves difficult for you, here are some tips that should make it easier for you.

What is a scarifier?

It is a rare and essential device for lawn care. It allows the upper layers of the turf to be removed to ensure proper growth. It helps to keep your lawn well maintained and healthy by ensuring that water and sunlight penetrate it better. The elements removed by a priest are moss, lichen and weeds.

How a scarifier works

The scarifier performs its function using a scarifying roller with sharp teeth, claws or knives. With or without rotation, this roller will tear off the top layer of the lawn that prevents it from growing properly. Once all weeds and other obstacles to lawn growth have been removed, you will need to pick them up yourself or they will be stored in the scarifier’s collection bag.

Some tips for using the scarifier

Scarification is best done at only two times of the year, in spring and autumn. It is recommended to wear safety glasses when scarifying due to splashes that could be dangerous to your eyes. A noise-cancelling headset to protect your It is also recommended especially if your scarifier is noisy enough. Finally, do not forget to clean the scarifier after use.

Choose sharp claws or knives?

Each of the two cutting tools has its own advantages. Plastic or metal claws have the advantage of keeping the deep layers of the lawn in good condition. They only remove the most superficial layer. This has the effect of not affecting the quality of this lawn. In other words, the claws are softer on your lawn.

The number of sharp knives varies from one device to another, but they are more efficient because they not only remove this undesirable surface layer but also ensure good lawn ventilation. The more knives there are, the better the cut of the lawn will be. The most efficient models can contain a total of 48 sharp knives. For optimal durability and resistance, it is preferable to opt for cutting tools made of hardened steel.

What type of scarifier should I choose?

The electric scarifier

This is the most common type of scarifier and most appreciated by users. It can be used on relatively spacious gardens and requires the presence of an electrical outlet and an extension cord due to its wiring if it is wired. It is both easy to use and maintain. Electric scarifiers tend to generate a lot of noise and that is why it is advisable to protect your ears when using this type of equipment. As soon as the ground to be sacrificed starts to grow, it is advisable to choose a high power, in the order of 1000 Watts. For larger areas, up to 1800 Watts can be achieved.


manual scarifier

It is the most economical type of scarifier to buy but using it is more like exercising than gardening. If you have a small garden, it can do the job perfectly well, otherwise, it is better to refer to one of the other two types.

The thermal scarifier

This type of scarifier is recommended for very large gardens larger than 800 m². These scarifiers run on gasoline and offer great power, but on the other hand, they are demanding in terms of maintenance and quite difficult to handle due to their high weight. Thermal or petrol scarifiers achieve the same results as electric scarifiers with less time and effort.

A scarifier with or without a collection box?

The collection bag is strongly recommended because it avoids you having to do the collection work yourself. Attention should be paid to the capacity of the latter. For a fairly spacious lot, a capacity of 50L is recommended. If you still choose a scarifier without a collection bag, consider passing the lawnmower right after, as most lawnmowers are equipped with a collection bag.

The weight of the scarifier

A criterion that is often overlooked for this type of equipment, but weight is important because it determines the scarifier’s manoeuvrability. It seems difficult to combine lightness and power. However, if you have a small garden, it is not necessary to carry a scarifier that is too heavy or too powerful and it is advisable to choose the lightest models.

How the scarifier works the soil

Care must be taken to ensure that the scarifier does not penetrate too deeply lesol because its primary function is to attack the surface vegetation layer. If the depth is high (from 2.5 to 5 cm), it should be checked that the blades of the scarifier are interchangeable so that it can be used as an aerator. Some scarifiers allow the depth of cut to be adjusted in several positions. The cutting width is also important, because it goes without saying that the wider the scarifier roller, the less the number of passes required to scarify the entire garden is important.

The scarifier handlebar

The handlebar is the element through which you will handle the scarifier and as such, it must provide what is necessary to maximize your comfort. Choose a scarifier whose handlebar height can easily be adjusted to your height for maximum comfort when scarifying your garden. A foldable handlebar is a real advantage to store the scarifier easily. Another element that guarantees your comfort: the handles. They should not be too rigid and should be pleasant to grip even after several minutes of use.